Search Engine Optimisation

Want to be amongst the top search results when people search for you services through Google? Of course you do. All websites are built to help boost your search engine rankings, helping you stand out amongst your competition and driving more traffic to your site therefore greatly increase the potential for more business.

How We Can Help

Getting a website to rank within the first few search results on Google or other search engines is a huge challenge nowadays and requires a carefully thought out strategy in order to achieve this. Thankfully we can employ a range of methods in order to improve your on-page SEO...

Best web practices

We build every website using best web practices to ensure it is SEO friendly in order to achieve a good search engine ranking.


Help you identify relevant keywords that would attract customers to your website and get you thinking about what they might type into a search engine in order to find the kind of service/product that you are offering.

SEO Audit

We will run an SEO audit of your website to figure out what need to be done to improve your search engine rankings. We look into the structure of the website, specifically focusing on...

  • correct use of title tags, heading tags, meta description tags
  • the use of image optimisation and alt tags
  • what keywords are being used and where
  • page load speed and how to increase this
Content Audit

Adding new content regularly keeps your website fresh and we will conduct a content audit of your website in order to provide a content strategy which will advise you on what to add to your site in order to keep it fresh and improve your chances of higher search engine rankings.