Website Design & Development

Every website is built to work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices with a strong focus on creating the best possible experience for your clients and customers. You will get a completely bespoke professional looking website which matches your exact requirements.

The path to getting your website online

  • Getting to know you

    To begin with we’ll listen to your exact requirements and get to know your business so that we can offer the best advice and tell you what you'll need to get the best out of your website. This can be a friendly chat over a cup of coffee or via phone/email.

Learning about your business
  • Content gathering

    Following this we’ll gather all the content from you such as text, photos, company logo etc. If you have no content to provide we can help you come up with something informative & engaging that will leap out and grab your customer’s attention.

Gathering website content
  • Design phase

    Once all content has been gathered up we will put together some designs for you to choose from and share these with you. You will be able to choose which one you prefer or mix and match from several to give you precisely what you need.

Designing your website
  • Development phase

    It's then down to me to go away and bring your designs to reality. We will of course be able to exchange ideas and feedback during this stage.

Building your website
  • Testing

    Before your website goes live to the rest of the world I will test it across multiple devices and browsers to ensure it is in full working order.

Testing your website across multiple devices and browsers
  • Website launch

    Once you are completely happy with everything I will publish the website live for all to see.

Launcing your website to the world

Maintaining your website

When it comes to keeping your website up to date by adding new content such as new articles, information on your services, images of new pieces of work, we can offer you a couple of options.

Option 1: Have the freedom to update it by using a Content Management System

Your website can be built with a content management system (CMS) which gives you the facility to be able to update the website as and when you need to.

This will allow you to do the following...

  • Add or edit written content
  • Add a new page
  • Add or change Photos and Graphics
Option 2: Leave it to us and we'll manage everything for you

We can maintain your website for you at an hourly rate whenever you wish to change, add or remove anything.

Whether you need regular updates or just the occasional page tweak we can accommodate your needs.

There will be no need to learn how to update your website (although we would provide tuition), just leave it up to us and we’ll do it all for you.

Also part of the service...

Mobile friendly websites

Just as many people nowadays browse the web on their mobiles as on a desktop PC. For that reason all of the websites we build are optimised to look great on all devices.This is not only provides a great user experience but also helps to boost those all important search engine rankings to.

Track visitors to your website

Google Analytics is added to every website to enable you to track the volume of traffic to your website, where visitors to your site are coming from and how many conversions you are getting through it. This is a fantastic tool for tracking the success of marketing campaigns.

Boost your search engine rankings

All websites are built to help boost your search engine rankings, helping you stand out amongst your competition and driving more traffic to your site therefore greatly increase the potential for more business. See our page on SEO services to find out more about this.