Why your business needs a website

16th March 2018

You need a website for your business

There are many ways in which businesses can advertise and promote themselves online nowadays. This can be done through online advertising boards such as yell.com and Gumtree, social media channels and of course with a website. Having a striking, professional website allows companies to fully explain the products or services they have to offer, which they can refer their potential customers to when networking or just in general conversation. This will also give businesses the opportunity to show off great examples of their products or work they have carried out before which can influence a customer’s decision when deciding on who to hire to do a specific job or what company to purchase a product from.

Some small businesses use Facebook as their only form of online presence as it allows them to easily connect with the local community, they add a brief synopsis about the services they offer and customers can contact them via the messenger service. This gives you a space to advertise your services, a means of contacting you and a page to share amongst the local and wider communities in order to promote your business. ‘Great’ you may be thinking. Although this works well for advertising when somebody requests a service or product that you may be offering, this will not help you get found on search engines. When looking for products or services online, the vast majority of people will just ‘Google it’.
In March 2017 a survey was carried out for the Local Search Association (LSA) in the US which discovered that 80% of internet users used a search engine to find a local product or service. These results are equally as relevant in the UK and the rest of the world as well.

So if you are a business of any size, having a website up online nowadays is really a no brainer. There are a few different ways to do this as well, and in my next blog I explain a few of them and tell you which method I think is the way to go.